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Welcome to Chicago!

The Windy City, the Second City, the City of Broad Shoulders, Hog Butcher to the World, etc.

Chicago is the gem of the Midwest. As a visitor, you'll find that downtown Chicago is a thriving urban core of business, pleasure, and culture set in outstanding architecture. There is so much to do in Chicago, and oh so much to see. Chicago features some of the most significant architecture in the world, and hands down, Chicago is the most architecturally significant city in the United States. As the birthplace of the modern skyscraper, Chicago is an architectural museum and it has a truly charming appeal.

Whether you are seeking a lesson in Chicago's architecture and history, or an uncommon cultural experience, Pudleaux Tourism offers a raw, urban experience for the curious. Walk the streets, learn the stories, see the amazing City of Chicago.

You're encouraged to explore this website for information about the best things to do in Chicago and on Chicago architecture. If you're looking for a Chicago travel guide for seeing Chicago architecture, then consider purchasing Pudleaux Architectural Guidebooks:Chicago Architecture.


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